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Broker Information

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A one-of-a-kind opportunity for licensed, certified brokers.

Expand your business with help from Access Health CT.

Access Health CT is attracting many new buyers to the health insurance market, and we need your help to enroll them in quality coverage.

By getting trained and certified through Access Health CT, you can help these buyers obtain commercial coverage. Individuals will need your assistance finding the right plan. (Even if they qualify for financial help, it won’t affect your commission.) And businesses will need guidance on new tax credits and plan choices available through Access Health CT.

Once certified, you’ll be given additional opportunities to close leads at our Enrollment Centers and Enrollment Fairs. And you’ll be listed in our searchable database of certified brokers, found on our website as well as through the call center. Please download the PDFs below for more information.

How we can help you market.

Use these educational materials to increase awareness of Access Health CT and build interest in enrolling.

›› Consumer Healthy Chat [PDF]

›› Healthy Business Chat [PDF]

›› Business Flyer [PDF]

Working with us – what you need to know.

Learn all the essentials for selling qualified health plans through Access Health CT.

›› Getting Trained and Certified [PDF]

›› Information Individuals Need to Enroll [PDF]

›› Tax Questions

›› Enrollment Checklist [PDF]

View training webinars for enrollment best practices.

›› March 7, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT]

›› January 31, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT]

›› January 29, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

›› January 28, 2014Powerpoint [PPT]

›› January 24, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

›› January 22, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

›› January 21, 2014Powerpoint [PPT]

›› January 15, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

›› January 10, 2014: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

›› December 20, 2013: Powerpoint [PPT] | Audio [MP3]

Completing your appointment with carriers.

›› Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of CT

›› ConnectiCare

›› Healthy CT

Get on board!

We’re here to assist you.

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